Jess F Holt

Jessica F. Holt is a young Berlin based artist with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

She grew up between England and the United States, harnessing the cultural advantages of both.

She has always been a writer of poetry and prose, which has since her earliest paintings informed her oeuvre. Every one of them seems to be telling a story of vulnerability and humanity, of frustration and fallibility.

Her motifs are macabre renditions of humanity, their skins peeled back and their bodies deformed, or conjoined with beasts to reveal our basic animal nature. But despite their appearance, which borders on the grotesque, her paintings are not a product solely crafted of disdain, but testaments to humility and modesty.

Executed in oils, her paintings suggest an illusion of haptic presence, pulling the viewer in with desires to touch, building a dynamic relationship between the art and the beholder, creating an engaging, enigmatic experience.

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