New Zine Call!

Hello everyone! The Feminist Comic Network wants to create an anthology zine and we would love to receive your applications! <3

The topic is “gender hope”!

There is so much backlash against progressive gender comprehension going on in the world right now, so we thought it’s time to put some positivity out. We all definitely need some hope at the moment. GENDER HOPE - We are curious what your creative minds will create with these two words in mind! Stories can be fictional or real life experiences. And yes, your story matters, your story deserves to be read. Tell us the story of how you realized your gender, your gender heros and role models, your hopes, your dreams, your thoughts and feelings. Gender hope can be seen in the tradition of hope punx, creating futures and hope despite oppressive systems (/cistems) and telling about moments of gender euphoria. A world without gender norms and boundaries is possible, it’s within our reach. We can build that world, first with our stories, then in our dreams and finally in the physical world.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at on Twitter @ComicWitches on instagram @feministcomicnetwork

Please send your applications until 27.11.22 to (dropbox, wetransfer, drive etc)


Wir sind sehr erfreut, dass du uns gefunden hast. Das Feministische Comic Netzwerk ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von feministischen Comicschaffenden und Fans aller Gender. Momentan befindet sich die Hauptorganistationsgruppe in Berlin. Wir arbeiten deutschlandweit und international. Unser Ziel ist die Förderung von intersektionellem, zugänglichem, inklusiven und einladendem Feminismus in Comics. Dadurch wollen wir Hierarchien einreißen und Vorurteile kritisch hinterfragen. Das Netzwerk konzentriert sich auf gemeinschaftliches Arbeiten, inspirierendes, professionelles Netzwerken und das Sichtbarmachen von feministischen Comics und ihren MacherInnen.

We are glad you found us. The feminist comic network is a community project of self-identified feminist comic authors and enthusiasts of all genders. The main organizing is based in Berlin, and we act internationally / Germany-wide. We promote intersectional, accessible, welcoming and inclusive feminism in comics, with an aim to break down the hierarchies in the comics scene and challenge the stereotypes. THE NET focuses in community work, inspiring, professional networking and bringing visibility to feminist comics and their creators.

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Meetup: Es gibt ein ungefähr monatliches digitales Meetup auf unserem Discord Server. Schreib’ uns gerne eine Mail und wir geben dir gern einen invite Link.
We have a sort of monthly digital meetup on our discord server. Contact us via mail and we’ll send you the invite link.


Facebook Group: Feministisches Comic Netzwerk

Twitter: @ComicWitches